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Sims2 Challenge
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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

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A Population Challenge
Objective: To fill a neighborhood with small lots and populate the entire neighborhood starting with one sim.


• Start with a brand new neighborhood. You cannot use one of the prebuilt unless you delete all families from it first.
• Create a sim, male or female, any aspiration, to start your challenge. Move them into a lot and marry a townie.
• All lots in the neighborhood must be classified as small. Either 3 x 2, 2 x 3, 2 x 4, 2 x 2, or 3 x 1. Maxis prebuilt lots are fine to use too.
• If you have the Nightlife EP, you cannot have any community lots in your primary neighborhood. If you do not have the Nightlife EP, then you are allowed one community lot of a small size for clothing, etc needs.
• Please refrain from using cheats for money or to impregnate sims. Cheats that do not aid in reaching the challenges goal are welcome.
• Sims can only get pregnant when one or both sims in a relationship have the ‘have baby/adopt’ aspiration want. (Exception: if a sim has a lifetime want of marrying off 6 kids or to send 3 kids to college, etc.)
• If you have the University EP, sims can go to college if you wish.
• To keep track of the generations, note in the household bio and the sims individual bio what generation they are. EI: First sim and spouse(s) are founders. Their children are Gen 1 (generation), their children are Gen 2, and so forth. To win all, the households must have at least one sim from the same generation.
• All sims in the neighborhood have to be direct descendants of the original sim, meaning that if a sim marries and then they separate and the former spouse has a child, that child is not a blood relation to the original sim and thus does not count in the challenge.
• To choose a teens aspiration, and to avoid all family sims, use a 6 sided dice to determine aspiration. 1) Fortune 2) Knowledge 3) Romance 4) Family 5) Popularity 6) w/o NF, you chose, w/ NF Pleasure Seeker.


To Be Announced

*Please Note: This is a rough draft and I have never put one of these things together. Suggestions welcome!

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