~Elle~ (rpggurleli) wrote in sims2_challenge,

Because I am a Glutten for Punishment...

I've started a project that is a compination of my population challenge and the legacy challenge.

Basically, I start a legacy challenge in a new neighborhood and use the non-heir children to start a new legacy challenge in the same neighborhood. I don't think that it will take as long to fill the neighborhood but I do want to get all the houses to the 10th generation.

Right now the founders are elders, the heir's wife is pregnant, and two other children have moved out to start on their own. I have two more first generation children to move out too.

I've been taking pics but they are few and far between but I'll try to get something up here soon.

I can't be the only one with anything worth while to post... What have you been up do?
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